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Status updated Jan 31, 17
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35 Players AusMine 1.13.2

May News

By Wafloon - Posted May 1, 17

$20 store coupon.
$10 store coupon.
$5 store coupon.
$5 store coupon.
$5 store coupon.

Build Competition
Theme: Easter

$20 store coupon.

Warp: bikkybunny
Runner up:
$10 store coupon.

Warp: N/A

This month's theme: Animals!
Deadline: 30th
$20 (Winner) and $10 (Runner up) store coupons.

You may work in teams - prizes will be split between the winning participants.
All entries must be of your own design and completely original, built within this month.

Your entry may be built on either of the Survival or Creative servers. Submit your entries in the Events and Competitions forum here!

- Fixed issue where certain staff ranks lacked the ability to edit forum posts
- Fly, God, Enderchest and Top can no longer be used in the Nether or End
- The Ender Dragon has been respawned
- Expanded the Nether border slightly to fix some teleport issues
- Fixed issue where Mods could not mute offline players
- Slightly modified the auction prefix
- Auction bid increment has been increased to $1,000
- MagmaCube spawners have been added to Factions and Skyblock
- Fixed Creepers blowing up on the surface layer of Survival
- Spawn eggs have been added to the shop
- Updated the tab time to AEST as opposed to daylight savings AEDT
- Fixed issue where orange and black clay could not be sold

Have a good month and May the 4th be with you, always.